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Hello, Namaste!!

Welcome to India. I have been working as a tourist driver for more than 10 years now. In my career I worked with different tourist transport companies in Delhi who provide vehicles to tour operators based in Delhi for foreign tourist package in Rajasthan and North India. 

After working as a driver for many years, I got confident to buy my own car and rent it to travel companies. Although its not so easy to manage as our guest come to us through multiple middle companies who keep most of the amount and pay very less to suppliers. Chauffeur Advisor is different from other tour operators and transport operators as it provides us a platform to showcase our skills and knowledge and put us direct in contact with our guests. This results in better prices offer for our guests and good money paid to us.

I also personally like the good practices and policies of the company wherein, we never involve in pushing shopping and commission references during the trip. This keeps our guests in safe hands and provide good travel experiences instead of feeling cheated at shops and wasting time visiting shopping centers.

I look forward to meet you and drive for a Trip in Rajasthan or North India.

Best Regards,
Raj Kumar