Van / Bus hire for India holiday trips:-

Bus hire services for tourists in India ​are​ available with Chauffeur Advisor. All the buses​ available​ for hire meets minimum service standards. All the buses are air-conditioned, have tourist travel permits​ and​ valid tourist travel insurance.​ You can hire our buses for for longer trips as well as for airport transfers​ and​ for city sightseeing tours in cities.

Renting a ​T​empo ​T​raveler is best economic option if you are in to a group of 5-8 travelers. Although its slower in moving compared to Innova car, still it provides better comfort and space. You can hire Toyota Hiace or Coaser as an upgrade to tempo traveler.The most available and favored buses in India for foreign tourists are mini buses with 18 seats and 25 seats- 10-18 persons travelling together can hire 18 seats and 19 - 25 tourists travelling together can hire 25 seats buses. For bigger groups we can provide 35 seats buses. You can ​also ​hire Volvo buses with 40 -45 seats for better comfort during long distance travel.​ You can hire these buses to travel around the country or within cities according to your destination and requirement.

tourist vehicle

Tempo Traveler

This vehicle can accommodate from 6 to 8 persons depending on the variant from 7 to 9 seats. Prices on request.
tourist vehicle

Large bus 35 Seats

Good option for travelling together in a group from one city to another, although need to book for smaller transport option for within city visits