Driver for Rajasthan-feedback





Driver Pinku feedback for Rajasthan trip from Italian guests:

Dear Friend Pinku,

Hello. How are you? It has been two months now since our holidays in India, but we still remember you and your silent help as driver. You have been sincere friend for us with your sympathy and kindness. I send you some photos that I took at your family and one of us in front of  the ” Wind Palace”, so you will remember your Italian friends.

Vittoria promised to learn some English, but you have to learn some Italian. Here is quite cold and there is lot of snow. In a week I will leave for Kenya with Vittoria. We will stay there for 2 months in a warm weather.

Did you receive my postcards? I hope so!

Give my regards to all your family.

Big wishes of well to everyone and if God wants it we will see you again.

With affection.

Dupont Anna

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