Car hire in India for Holiday Trips


Why you should go for car hire in India with and not directly with driver itself for holiday trips in India?

A good driver and car hire in India is one of the top areas to research while planning a trip in India. Driving profession in India is among most complicated and yet to be standardized for smooth car hire. We still find a very small number of drivers who are graduate or good in speaking English. However, the drivers who are working as tourist drivers for foreigners for many years, have the basic knowledge and are able to communicate in English with travellers. The new generation of drivers is English speaking though has limited knowledge of the travel destinations and their driving experience is also less. So it’s really important to find one with balance of both skills- English & Experience.

The service quality and English knowledge of drivers also differs remarkably from one place to another. While the drivers based in metros and bigger cities like Delhi and Jaipur can be good enough in communicating in English, it is difficult to find a good English speaking local driver in remote places like Khajuraho and smaller towns of Rajasthan. For car hire in India with a good driver, we at Chauffeur Advisor don’t promise you miracles or boast of providing a dream driver, though we strive to provide you best available driver at your holiday destination.


While you may not find a big difference in prices for booking a car and driver in India via Chauffeur Advisor and in that of booking directly with individual drivers, but you will definitely find a lot of difference in service guarantee, quality standard, security and expert advice. Some differences can be checked only by comparing Chauffeur Advisor with direct car driver services.

Find the difference from below comparison. For car hire in India, the best part is we don’t own any personal vehicle or driver working for our personal interest, so all recommendations and verification are unbiased purely based on quality verification and continuous feedback of our clients. We work to standardize and maintain the list of only best drivers. All our recommendations are fact based.

Car hire in India- Comparison Car hire via Chauffeur Advisor Car hire direct with driver
Prices for car hire in India You will get the same prices as you book directly with drivers in most cases. We charge a small service charge from drivers and provide them online presence, booking, training, assistance. For you our prices are well negotiated based on the current market prices. With drivers, it depends on individuals and you might end up paying much more having no idea of how the calculations work and prices are estimated.
On tour change of car and driver While going on multi day trips sometimes for a week or more, drivers are most important part and it’s equally important that we get the one we can appreciate. Though sometimes it may happen that one is not compatible with you at all or got some personal problems. So we provide a possibility to change a driver and the car on tour if you face challenge with the driver compatibility or breakdown in the vehicle While you book directly with a driver, it gets quite difficult to change or replace on tour. In times of breakdown and problems, you end up spending lot of precious time to sort out it yourself.
Multiple location booking for car hire in India With Chauffeur Advisor, you can rely on us to find a driver as any location you want. You can find verified drivers and cars for multiple locations and can book multiple drivers while taking a train or flight during your trip for long distances. You may get lucky to find a good driver and get help for car hire for part of your trip, though your search begins again to find a good driver and car hire if you take a flight or train.
Itinerary support for car hire in India with private driver Our experts will provide you full support in designing a feasible tour itinerary with recommendations as per your preferences to take trains or flights wherever needed as well as will help you in finding good accommodation, guide and other services if needed. For car hire with independent driver, you may get a bit of help based on personal knowledge and experience of the driver. Though it might not end up as expected.
Assistance on tour You are not only getting help from our drivers. Our travel experts are available for you 24/7 in case of emergency during the trip and in case you need any assistance. For major help, our senior management team helps the consultants to find a good solution for you. For car hire with individual driver, you are at the hands of a single driver and his knowledge.
Expert advice for car hire in India By booking with Chauffeur Advisor, you are sure of getting unbiased expert suggestions for pros and cons during the trip along with on ground support from our drivers. You are dependent on limited expertise of the driver only.
Service standard guarantee We as an organization have a minimum service guarantee standards and don’t compromise on quality. For any car hire services not used or not delivered, you are sure to get the refunds. You need to check with each individual driver for car hire. There are very less chances where you can ask for a change.
Communication All our consultants for car hire are well qualified and have years of collective experience in planning the itineraries as they have worked in tour operation industry. So they are well aware of the expectations and try their best to match better options available. Most of the drivers in India are not so well educated and knowledge of English and internet is quite limited. They may manage to communicate somehow in person, though you will face big challenge to communicate via phone or email with them.
Payment and reservation For car hire serivice, you can pay via bank transfer or online credit card in advance to make sure the services are pre-reserved and someone is for sure committed and waiting for you to make a great travel experience for you. You will get a proper invoice and written proposal with services included so can be sure of what to expect. Most of the time, you will be paying in cash during personal meeting so there is no prior written commitment from their side. You will also not have a written proof of what you paid for which services.
Security while car hire in India For each car hire all over India, we do a detailed background check and reference check of each of our driver and supplier, so you are sure of security on tour as well as have support from our team on tour in case of any issue. You can plan yourself for car hire and book a driver based on recommendation from friends or through forums, but that doesn’t assure you the real background check of drivers and secure trip.
Verification and background check With Chauffeur Advisor, you can be sure that the driver is verified and secure as well as the car condition is pre-checked and verified by our experts While booking directly, it is practically impossible to check the background of the driver and condition of car by your self
Commission shopping As a company we strongly against the practices of pushing shopping by driver for commission and we take strict actions for partnership agreement breach. It’s up to you to make sure or face it that driver is not involved in it.
Complete profile of driver for car hire in India We provide you complete details about driver including pictures, number of years of experience, places already driven to with tourists, driving licence verification, past feedback of clients, English communication level, itinerary route knowledge, destination town and hotel locations knowledge, behaviour. We also provide you details of verified car driven by the driver including kilometres done as of suggested date, make and model of the vehicle, facilities available in car like luggage space, carrier for additional luggage, child seat, wheelchair, seat covers, quality of tyres and air condition, vehicle insurance and tourist permit verification. For car hire in India by yourself with individual driver, it can be a surprise until you personally see and get lucky to find a good driver and car hire service.

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