Hiring a driver and car in India- tips

Search and book your driver before arriving in India You can find plenty of options for hiring a driver and car in India, though finding a good one is not easy. In peak travel season, they are super busy and in low season, they go on holiday. So it’s always better to make sure a good driver and car are pre-reserved before trip starts. A pre-booked driver will meet you ready on the first day saving lot of precious time during the trip. Look for advice from friends and references as well as on online travel forums As is true with travelling, we always find good tips from our friends and relatives about real time problems as well as about dos and don’ts. So it’s better to ask our contacts who already traveled on similar trips we plan. Travel forums also provide good insights about important aspects so better to get some ideas. Though don’t follow the advice as it is because most of the time its based on personal experience and liking which may differ from person to person. Also situations vary all the time so be cautious in following the advice. Sometimes luck also works. So if our friends had Continue Reading

Travel to North India by car and driver

 North India by car and driver- Best travel routes for North India North India and Rajasthan offers so much interesting options to see that it’s crucial to plan carefully your visit in advance to include as much good options as possible to see within available time. Visiting North India by car and driver makes a big difference to be efficient in visiting all these places instead of going on its own. As availability and reservation in trains is not an easy task plus intercity travel by public transport is not that easy, an experienced driver with private car helps a lot in moving around easily. A personal driver and car also helps a lot in moving around within a city to locate monuments and interesting places to visit. A good driver is helpful in keeping touts and unauthorised people away. The driver also help as a route guide to help in locating interesting places, activities, restaurants, midways as well as meeting with local people. Below are best travel itineraries for traveling to North India by car and driver covering important sites and places to visit according to available time. The given itinerary routes cover most of the interesting places along with extensions to Continue Reading

Rajasthan tour feedback for our driver- RP Singh

Dear Rashpal, It was a pleasure for us to do this tour of Rajasthan with you. We have greatly appreciated your qualities as a driver, always calm, clever, efficient. We thank you for your kindness, your easy mood, and the way you have taken care of us. May be we will meet again, may be not, but I shall keep the memory of you in my mind and in my heart. I do appreciate the person you are. Now I feel like having a friend. I wish you find best for you and your family. Marie.