Car and driver for Rajasthan trip

Renting a car and driver for trip in Rajasthan You might be planning a trip to Rajasthan and want to book your hotels and flights yourself.  The major concern as always is renting a car and driver, who is reliable,  safe,  English speaking and experienced. Below are options of places where you can hire a car and driver for trip in Rajasthan depending on your arrival and departure as well as requirements for the trip. 1. Renting a car and driver for Rajasthan trip in Delhi If you are arriving Delhi as most travelers do and planning to do a round trip of Rajasthan along with Agra,  it’s good option to hire a car and driver in Delhi for the whole trip.  Be assured of the knowledge of driver and good prices.  All tourist drivers in Delhi who work for foreign tourists mostly drive to Rajasthan for round trip. Being the nearest international airport where most international flights arrive and depart, Delhi is most convenient city to hire a car and driver for round trip in Rajasthan. For the same reason there are plenty of good drivers who speaks English as well as have good knowledge of cities and routes in Rajasthan. Continue Reading

Shimla-Manali by Car Trip from Delhi

Planning Shimla-Manali by Car trip from Delhi – things to know!! Hire an expert English speaking driver with car for Shimla – Manali trip from experts. Be sure to book an experienced driver for mountains. Find below details about various logistics during car trip from Delhi. Suggested itinerary route for car trip from Delhi: Day 1: Delhi – Shimla by car (380 km / 08 Hrs) (Kalka-Shimla toy train also possible). Day 2: Shimla and around Day 3: Shimla – Manali drive (250KM / 07 Hrs) Day 4: Excursion to Rohtang pass or snow point on Rohtang road and Solang Valley Day 5: Manali – Chandigarh (320 km / 08 Hrs) or Kalka Day 6: Chandigarh or Kalka – Delhi (250 km / 5 Hrs) Other Distances: Shimla – Chandigarh 115 Km / 3 Hrs Shimla – Kalka 88 Km / 2 Hrs Shimla – Dharamshala 235 Km / 07 Hrs Best time to do car trip from Delhi- weather and road condition:- Not advisable during the monsoon (July to September) due to increased possibility of landslides and other mountainous calamities that create risky road conditions. Best time to visit is April to June. Parking can be hard to obtain Continue Reading

Tribal Gujarat Tour by Car and driver

Tribal Gujarat Tour by Car and driver Visit the culturally rich and diverse state located in western India. Enjoy Gujarat Tour by car and driver with visit to its varied life style and tribal living. The tribes living in remote villages are still preserving their rich heritage and traditions. Explore the state of Gujarat with our experienced and expert drivers. Our chauffeur Hari Singh is based in Ahmedabad and can take you around to visit all the authentic places in his Toyota Innova car or small car as per your requirement. The tribal Gujarat tour by car and driver itinerary is designed to show you the must visit places to explore the real life of tribal living in the area as well as their occupations. 15 days suggested program for tribal visit of Gujarat tour by car and driver D 1: Arrive Ahmedabad D 2: Ahmedabad – Poshina [180 km] D 3: Poshina – Patan – Modhera – Dasada [260 km] D 4: Little Rann of Kutch D 5: Dasada – Bhuj D 6: Bhuj D 7: Bhuj – Mandvi [ 65 km] D 8: Mandvi – Muli [ 280 km] D 9: Muli – Gir [ 250 km ] D Continue Reading

Driver for Rajasthan-feedback

      Driver Pinku feedback for Rajasthan trip from Italian guests: Dear Friend Pinku, Hello. How are you? It has been two months now since our holidays in India, but we still remember you and your silent help as driver. You have been sincere friend for us with your sympathy and kindness. I send you some photos that I took at your family and one of us in front of  the ” Wind Palace”, so you will remember your Italian friends. Vittoria promised to learn some English, but you have to learn some Italian. Here is quite cold and there is lot of snow. In a week I will leave for Kenya with Vittoria. We will stay there for 2 months in a warm weather. Did you receive my postcards? I hope so! Give my regards to all your family. Big wishes of well to everyone and if God wants it we will see you again. With affection. Dupont Anna

Renting a car and driver in South India

Renting a car and driver in South India:  for holiday trips in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Kerala To travel in Kerala & Tamilnadu, one can hire a good car and English knowing driver from Chennai or Cochin. As most of the international flights land in these two cities and trips start from here to travel either way, there are good drivers with cars available to cater to foreign tourists. The drivers are well aware of the tourist routes and major tourist attractions. Major places of tourist interest to visit by car and driver: In Tamilnadu: Chennai, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry & Auroville, Tanjore, Trichy, Kodaikanal, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Madurai In Kerala: Cochin & Trivandrum, Marari, Cherrai, Kovalam, Periyar, Wayanad, Munnar, Airports:  While Chennai, Trivandrum and Cochin are international airport having good flight connectivity to arrive from all round the world, there are also domestic airports in Madurai, Calicut, and Coimbatore. While it’s possible to find a driver and car in smaller cities for local visits and excursion, for longer trips ending or starting from Chennai or Cochin, it is better to hire a car and driver from these bigger towns. Suggested itinerary routes to do by car and driver: One week trip by Continue Reading

Car hire in India for Holiday Trips

  Why you should go for car hire in India with and not directly with driver itself for holiday trips in India? A good driver and car hire in India is one of the top areas to research while planning a trip in India. Driving profession in India is among most complicated and yet to be standardized for smooth car hire. We still find a very small number of drivers who are graduate or good in speaking English. However, the drivers who are working as tourist drivers for foreigners for many years, have the basic knowledge and are able to communicate in English with travellers. The new generation of drivers is English speaking though has limited knowledge of the travel destinations and their driving experience is also less. So it’s really important to find one with balance of both skills- English & Experience. The service quality and English knowledge of drivers also differs remarkably from one place to another. While the drivers based in metros and bigger cities like Delhi and Jaipur can be good enough in communicating in English, it is difficult to find a good English speaking local driver in remote places like Khajuraho and smaller towns Continue Reading

Hiring a driver and car in India- tips

Search and book your driver before arriving in India You can find plenty of options for hiring a driver and car in India, though finding a good one is not easy. In peak travel season, they are super busy and in low season, they go on holiday. So it’s always better to make sure a good driver and car are pre-reserved before trip starts. A pre-booked driver will meet you ready on the first day saving lot of precious time during the trip. Look for advice from friends and references as well as on online travel forums As is true with travelling, we always find good tips from our friends and relatives about real time problems as well as about dos and don’ts. So it’s better to ask our contacts who already traveled on similar trips we plan. Travel forums also provide good insights about important aspects so better to get some ideas. Though don’t follow the advice as it is because most of the time its based on personal experience and liking which may differ from person to person. Also situations vary all the time so be cautious in following the advice. Sometimes luck also works. So if our friends had Continue Reading

Travel to North India by car and driver

 North India by car and driver- Best travel routes for North India North India and Rajasthan offers so much interesting options to see that it’s crucial to plan carefully your visit in advance to include as much good options as possible to see within available time. Visiting North India by car and driver makes a big difference to be efficient in visiting all these places instead of going on its own. As availability and reservation in trains is not an easy task plus intercity travel by public transport is not that easy, an experienced driver with private car helps a lot in moving around easily. A personal driver and car also helps a lot in moving around within a city to locate monuments and interesting places to visit. A good driver is helpful in keeping touts and unauthorised people away. The driver also help as a route guide to help in locating interesting places, activities, restaurants, midways as well as meeting with local people. Below are best travel itineraries for traveling to North India by car and driver covering important sites and places to visit according to available time. The given itinerary routes cover most of the interesting places along with extensions to Continue Reading

Rajasthan tour feedback for our driver- RP Singh

Dear Rashpal, It was a pleasure for us to do this tour of Rajasthan with you. We have greatly appreciated your qualities as a driver, always calm, clever, efficient. We thank you for your kindness, your easy mood, and the way you have taken care of us. May be we will meet again, may be not, but I shall keep the memory of you in my mind and in my heart. I do appreciate the person you are. Now I feel like having a friend. I wish you find best for you and your family. Marie.

Hire experienced driver and car, don’t just car rental for your next trip!!

Experienced driver and car hire in India India is truly incredible in a way one can get amazed as well as pissed many times. The country not only offers diversity in culture, religion and people but also in the way of life and quality of living. There also varies how people perceive and offer service standards here. One important aspect to consider while travelling in India is- it’s quite economic to travel and spend your holidays at a very low cost. That makes exploring the cultural diversity of India more rewarding compared to many countries in the world. Although be aware, cheap doesn’t mean, you get the same service quality as you get when you hire experienced driver and car. As a traveller we need places to stay, transport by road or flights as well as ancillary services like guides, activities, restaurants. Most of the services are already getting a good push to get standardized. You can easily find reviews online to ascertain that you are making a right choice. Although drivers and car-rentals are still a not so organised area and still it’s difficult to hire experienced driver and car. Its difficult to ascertain if you will end up spending your Continue Reading